AD 476:The Fall of the Roman Empire: Is the U.S. Subject to a 'Fall?'

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Any comparison of the ‘Fall’ of the Roman Empire to the possible ‘Fall’ of the United States of America today is pure speculation in historical data and current history. It’s worth considering as a possibility and it’s justified to raise questions that deserve answers, but one can’t draw any successful conclusion without hedging what you say by adding, unsubstantiated.

However, let’s take a moment here to reflect on today’s USA policies and actions, nationally and internationally: the economic, military, trade, social and other actions we take that can be said to show striking similarities to conditions and policies existing during the declining years of the Roman Empire. There is much written on this subject, and political issues are often discussed.

I didn’t seek to answer the question or make a comparison of the ‘Fall.’ I was interested in creating images freely without a defined purpose in mind: do good work and let what was stored in my mind at the time just happen. My series is what it is, a time in which I was thinking what is happening in the USA today, and what needs to be changed, and what can be done to assure that the USA will not ‘Fall’; that its best days are still ahead, not in the past; that we have the will power and leadership to take on the challenges; deal with the many issues as a world power in the 21st Century, and deliver a better tomorrow for the American people. My hope, well more than that, my desire was to see that the American Dream was not dying, not dead, but was on the way to a better tomorrow. To do anything less is a tragedy, as possibly we are the last best hope for democracy, and for a “spaceship earth” that is sustainable, and will benefit all creatures, all life.

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