Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaborartion

SOLAR FLARES & SALAZAR: An Art/Science Collaboration

Solar Flares & Salazar

A Multi-media Production: Solar Flares and Salazar--An Art/Science Collaboration

The Maine Arts Commission awarded Roland Salazar Rose a grant for the production and publication of an e-pub titled Solar Flares & Salazar: An Art/Science Collaboration.Your digital purchase has Salazar's 11 solar flare paintings and NASA images of major solar events with John Ripton's curatorial overview of Salazar's "Solar Flare: 2011-12." Salazar's paintings were displayed on the Dome of Emera Planetarium with NASA images, and narration of scientific facts on 'solar flares': their significance to all of us on Earth. The e-pub is suitable for all audiences. It calls attention to the existential threat now posed to our environment by climate change, and the critical need for us to be environmental stewards on "Spaceship Earth."

Salazar returned to Maine in 2012 from an extended painting residency in Mexico. He's represented in Mexico by Aura Galerias; and is a member of the OAA Barn Gallery. He exhibits at the UMVA Gallery at the Portland Media Center. Visit Salazar's website:

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